Sashi Enterprises Executive Summary


Sashi Enterprises, a back-office medical transcription service provider, is a company that was started in one of the most challenging times with the sole intention of providing consistent quality work to its clients. At a time when many big players in the market fell by the wayside due to lack of focus in terms of the delivery mechanism, Sashi Enterprises was built on the solid rock of Quality Control.

The Unique Selling Points:

100% Home Based, 100% Women Staffed

The Unique Selling Points of Sashi Enterprises is that the company has been built on the platform of a 100% Home Based, 100% Women Staffed operation. There have been many positives and negatives in different models of operations; however, with this particular model, the positives far outweigh the negatives in terms of operational efficiency. Sashi Enterprises has been able to successfully run this operation from 2001 onwards, consistently being profitable in monetary terms and consistently being able to meet and exceed client-set standards in terms of turnaround times as well as rigorous quality standards.


The strength of the company is its staff. In an industry where attrition is more the norm than the exception, Sashi Enterprises has managed to retain its’ core team over multiple years. In fact, the base team that started the operations continues to remain with the company. This is due not only to the professional approach of the company at all times, but also due to the human interaction / consideration / understanding that the company has practiced towards its staff, a majority of whom are well-educated housewives.

Focus of Company

The focus of the company is to the expand operations to reach several milestones in terms of both operational profits as well as numbers in terms of strength of staff.  

Embracing Technology

Sashi Enterprises started its operations with the capability of handling any type of report and medical specialty with the File Transfer Protocol method being the major route of transfer of files. With time and the industry’s focus on online platforms to become Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act compliant, Sashi Enterprises has “re-tooled” its infrastructure, operational methodology, and “re-trained” staff to “familiarize” and “specialize” in online platforms that cater to its client’s requirements. 

Disaster Recovery Protocol

Infrastructure wise, Sashi Enterprises has the required power backup and the required Internet backup so that operations at any time does not get affected due to power outage or loss of internet. All reasonable disaster recovery mechanisms have been taken into consideration and “Plan B”s have been modulated and tested over the last several years to perfection.

Flexibility and Scalability

The Unique Platform allows the company not only flexibility in terms of day to day operations but also scalability in terms of number of staff on board, which is independent of current infrastructure of the company. We can go up to any number of home based staff without any further investments in the infrastructure of the company due to the home based model that the company has pursued.

The End Word

Sashi Enterprises with its commitment, focus, and unique model will continue to be a leading figure in the Back Office Space of the Medical Transcription Industry.

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